DNA Identification/Child Safety Awareness

Advancements in DNA research have allowed citizens a means of easily collecting DNA samples from their children or other “at risk” loved ones (e.g., senior citizens with Alzheimer’s Disease) and storing the samples for many years for possible use in identifying a missing person. This is an activity LPCSTI members are frequently called upon to perform at grade school or church events, store grand openings, and during Town of Leesburg special events. Support Team members meet members of the public at these events and provide them with DNA identification kits purchased by the Team and instruct the public on how to use the kits. LPCSTI is an advocate for child safety awareness. Along with the DNA ID kits, we also have on hand various information sheets covering current and relevant topics regarding child safety. The world is ever changing, and it is vital that parents stay informed on how to best protect their children.


Community Patrol

LPCSTI community patrol serves as extra eyes and ears for the Leesburg Police Department. It involves patrolling the town streets, alleys, parks, business district, shopping centers, and new home or business construction sites to observe and report criminal or public safety situations in the town which may require intervention by trained law enforcement and/or medical personnel.


Parades and Special Events

The Town of Leesburg has frequent parades and special events. LPCSTI members perform a variety of duties at these events, including: traffic direction, crowd control, searching for lost children/parents, and watching for any medical emergencies that may occur. LPD is called upon several times a year to conduct traffic direction during organized races/walks within the town. Team members assist in this role as well.


Emergency Call-Outs

Occasionally, the team is called upon for emergency assistance due to accidents, fires, power outages, weather incidents, and lost people searches. These may require the members to assist with traffic direction, crowd control, manning phone lines, and other tasks as requested.


Other Assistance as Requested

LPCSTI members are available and may be called upon to assist the Leesburg Police Department as requested. In the past, this has involved charity events sponsored by LPD, performing administrative tasks, or doing statistical analysis.